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Latest Punjab News From Ladda Jasoos | 11 May 2021 | Punjab Latest News Today

фильм 2021
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Latest Punjab News From Ladda Jasoos | 11 May 2021 | Punjab Latest News Today

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Punjab News

Ludhiana: Outbreak of corona is on the rise in the state. At the same time in Ludhiana district about 1500 corona patients are getting daily. Now, the police have initiated strict action against those violating the rules of Kovid-19. The Commissionerate of Police has set up temporary jails for violators. Cases of corona infection are on the rise in Punjab. On Sunday, 191 infections died in 19 districts. The condition of 296 infected people remains critical and they have been placed on ventilators.

The administration has strongly warned people not to break the Corona rules and not to go out unnecessarily. The administration is constantly taking action against those who violate the orders. Like last year, this year too the police administration has set up temporary jails.

New SD School on Bahadur Di Road in Zone-1, Indoor Stadium on Pakhowal Road in Zone-2, Guru Nanak Stadium in Zone-3 and Valmiki Bhawan in Moti Nagar in Zone-4 have been made temporary jails. The police administration has made it clear to people to come out of their homes only when absolutely necessary. It is for their own good and that of their family.

Civil surgeons have also been asked to deploy teams for corona tests in these four temporary jails. The Public Health Executive Engineer has been given the responsibility of cleaning the temporary toilets and permanent toilets, while the District Mandi Officer has been directed to provide drinking water here.

It may be mentioned that 10506 people have died due to corona infection in Punjab so far. In Punjab, according to the health department, 7767351 people have been sampled, out of which 416350 people have tested positive. 442125 infected people admitted in various hospitals have also recovered.

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